China’s State Council Customs Tariff Commission recently announced an exclusion process for additional Chinese tariffs imposed on specific products imported from the US. Our members are encouraged to apply through AmCham China.
Be part of the most vibrant foreign business community in China
Learn how digital transformation is creating value for MNCs from Microsoft China CEO Alain Crozier.
Beijing has unveiled a 3-Year Action Plan to further open the service industry for foreign investment.
百度 为贯彻落实《关于分类推进人才评价机制改革的指导意见》等文件精神,根据国务院推进放管服改革要求,近日人力资源社会保障部印发了《关于改革完善技能人才评价制度的意见》(以下简称《意见》)。 百度   美國國務卿蓬佩奧10日表示,美國和伊朗兩國總統可能在聯大期間舉行會晤。 百度 成都市教育局相关负责人表示,在新的时代背景下、将不断提升美育地位,切实推进美育工作。 百度 丁字沽一路 百度 东栓马桩 百度 大王庄嘉祥里

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Tianjin Chapter's exclusive tour of Caterpillar with a lecture on Automation & Lean manufacturing.
AmCham China's Northeast Chapter is proud to announce three new additions to our Executive Committee.
The Central China Chapter was hosted Scott Shawn, Director at LDi Training, for leadership training.